Detailed provisional schedule 


Wednesday, June 10th

12:00-17:00  Arrival of the participants at Otopeni Airport Transfers to the Hotels

17:30-18:00  Transfer from the hotels to the Welcoming reception

18:00-21:30  Meetings schedules distribution, Opening ceremony, Welcoming reception at Romexpo (C3 hall)

21:30-22:00   Transfers to the hotels


Thursday, June 11th

7:30-8:30   Transfers from the hotels to Romexpo (C2 hall)
8:30-10:30   Reception of the participants, handing over the programs to the participants at Romexpo (C2 hall)
9:00-10:00  Opening of the forum
10:30-11:55   Meetings 1, 2
12:00-14:00   Lunch
14:00-15:25   Meetings 3, 4
15:30-16:00   Pause
16:00-17:25   Meetings 4, 6
17:30-18:30   Transfers to the hotels
19:00-19:30   Transfers from the hotels to the Diplomatic Club
19:30-00:00  International evening at the Diplomatic Club
00:00   Transfers to the hotels

Friday, June 12th

8:30-9:30   Transfers from the hotels to Romexpo (C2 hall)

9:00-10:25   Meetings 7, 8

10:30-11:00  Pause

11:00-12:25   Meetings 9, 10

12:30-14:30   Lunch and flagship passing ceremony

14:30-15:55   Meeting 11, 12

16:00-17:00   Transfers to the hotels

19:00-19:30   Transfers from the hotels to the Anniversary evening to "La Maison des Jardins" Events hall

19:30-23:30   Anniversary evening - 20th Futurallia forum at "La Maison des Jardins" Events hall

23:30-00:00   Transfers to the hotels    


Saturday, June 13th

8:00-14:00   Transfers from the hotels to the Otopeni Airport


Optional activity  

Visiting schedule

The Palace of Parliament  

Bran Castle

Lunch and wine tasting