Our legal team includes lawyers specialized in labor law, banking law, corporate law and intellectual property. We advise and assist you to understand every change in legislation. In addition, we make sure that your investment projects benefit from the best legal support in order to assure you the best profit. Our involvement with your company in the tax and legal areas translates into a full range of services that allows you to manage and grow your business at the highest level of performance.

 We offer a full range of legal and tax services: 

• Legal advice:

- Company law

- Commercial law

- International Trade Law

- Financial Law - Tax

- Labor law

- Civil Law

• Completion of legal formalities and drafting contracts for your company

• Representation of your company to the Court of Arbitration

• Consultancy and relevant support with the notary services

• Research into non-repayable grants and preparation of documents

• Registration and cancellation of mortgage contracts, purchase, sale, donation, from the Land Offices Card or Electronic Archive Transferable Warranty, as applicable

• Establishment of commercial companies and registration with the Trade Register and any changes in your company structure

• Renting office spaces at very convenient prices