Since 2000, the French Business Center plays an important role in monitoring of industrial projects for international clients.


 No matter if you want relocation, joint venture or to create a new industrial structure, we will assist you in the following areas: 

• Search for suppliers

• Production Monitoring

• Quality control

• Purchase of equipment

• Set the ISO standards in partnership with the AFNOR


 The Business Center and his team is mainly involved in the following industries: 

• Metallurgy

• Textile Industry

• Materials for Construction

• Waste treatment

• Renewable energy (wind, solar, geothermal)

• Wood (furniture, forestry, joinery)



To better meet the demand of French companies seeking quality and reduced costs, we have implemented an outsourcing service.
This service is made to guarantee the reduction of your costs for higher quality services and gives you more flexibility. We offer you the opportunity to have a single contact person available for all your outsourced activities. After careful study, we created a database allowing us to respond to your request within the industry trades and services by relying on a strong network of partners. Our research has led us to work with many specialist engineers in the most advanced sectors of the industry.