Based on long experience with the Romanian and French business environment, CCIB RO-FR Association in partnership with the French Business Center helps and supports you throughout your investment projects.

We evaluate opportunities, conduct competitive intelligence, analyze the interest of your investment and we offer a strategy for your project. For a Full Service contract, you can have all the services necessary for the development of your business, including employees sharing.

 We can offer you general management of an activity or project: 

Advice on business plan, strategic diagnosis

• Linking with social and economic partners

• Research and presentation of customers and suppliers

• General assistance in all areas

• Search for business opportunities 

• Guidance during travel and meeting business

• Coordination and project management: assistance, planning ...

• Strategic studies (Hazard Analysis and opportunities)

• Creation of a prospecting insurance financing agreement with Coface

• Administrative and accounting monitoring

We also organize trade missions to Romania for you to make contact with the Romanian economic environment and potential partners. We take care of you when you arrive at the airport, then we support you and provide translation throughout your business stay in Romania. Then we follow up your investment project and provide you with our know-how and specialized services.