FUTURALLIA BUCHAREST 2015 is THE International Forum for Business Development created especially for leaders who want to establish business, financial, industrial, technological alliances or to have an information exchange globally.

Since 1990, the Futurallia Forum has been held every year in a different country (France, Belgium, Quebec, Poland, Qatar, United States, Turkey ...) and met with extraordinary success thanks to the professionalism of the organizers, leaders of companies and participants.

The goal of a FUTURALLIA Forum is to bring together in one place hundreds of participants, national and international companies in all business sectors like: industrial, metallurgical, electrical, energy, the aviation, finance, trade, retail, distribution, services, automotive, transportation and logistics, mechanical, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, agriculture, research , construction, design and creation, cosmetics, environment, tourism, information technology, advertising, plastics.

Futurallia Bucharest 2015 offers a UNIQUE opportunity to participate in prescheduled personalized business meetings face to face (up to 16 in 2 days) with the other forum’s participants.







In order to benefit from a program based on your meeting wishes but also the wishes of the other participants who would like to meet you, you just have to:







Welcome to the B2B forum 


 FUTURALLIA BUCHAREST, 10-11-12 June 2015!